Monday, December 1, 2008

Wine and Comic Books

Yesterday I went ot the other side of town to kill two birds with one stone-pick up some wine, and some comic books. The grocery store with the best wine selection is near the shop where I get comics(yes, I still read comics). So, it makes it worth the trip.

Tonight's wine is from Argentina, a Cabernet Sauvignon called Elsa Bianchi from 2006. I tend to pefer red wines over whites, and this one is pretty good. I'm still a newbie at the whole wine won't find me describing wines after swooshing some around in my mouth and saying, "Fruity with just a hint of a moose aftertaste", or, "Gentle, yet flaccid". This tastes good to me, and if you like cabs, give it a try. Now, onto the comic of the evening, and I think this one goes good with a red wine.

Black Terror #1 continues the story started in the Superpowers series by Dynamite Entertainment. It follows a bunch of heroes who, at the end of WWII, were imprisoned in Pandora's Urn because some feared their power. Locked away for decades, the heroes eventually find their way back to the world, and find it changed, not only by the passage of time, but by the fact that the government is controlled by a company that seeks world domination, under the guise of doing what's best for all. The Black Terror was the first of the heroes to escape the Urn, and his time in the Urn has made him more powerful, and when he escapes, he is one royally pissed-off superbeing.

The characters in this series are all old heroes from wartime comics that have fallen into public domain, and have been updated . The Black Terror is probably the coolest looking of the bunch..his outfit is by far the best superhero suit I've seen in a long time.I read an article that described him as a cross between Superman, Batman, and a Goth pirate. That's a pretty fair description of him...he's strong, tough, angry, and has the coolest costume I've seen in a long time. In his debut solo issue he starts to use a sword, which only adds to the fun . The Terror takes on the pirate role, not hesitaing to fight against the U.S. government if they're controlled by wrongdoers, like sort of a superpowered Captain Blood .

The artwork is good and the story is intersesting, so I reccomend Black Terror if you're a comic-reading type, or have been wanting to give the comics medium a try.

More wine and comics after I finish this bottle. Cheers and happy reading!


Anonymous said...

damn, that is a pretty bad ass costume. the story sounds good as well.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've actually read more comics or graphic novels this year than in my fifteen previous years. But I'm still not much for wine.

Lana Gramlich said...

I've always loved comic art. Gave it a try years ago & it's just beyond my capability.
I'll pass on the wine. Gives me wicked heartburn. I'd much rather have a coffee w/Bailey's. :)

Heff said...

Wine makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. I miss reading comics.

Scott said...

M.A., yeah, I like that costume ,too.

Charles, I never used to be much of a wine drinkier 'till a couple of years ago. I do like the stuff.

Lana,I doubt that any art is really beyond your's just a different style. Sometimes wine gives me heartburn, but not enough to make me stop drinking it!

Heff, I think seeing you giggle like a schoolgirl would be hilarious!

Virginia Lady said...

Sounds cool. i rarely drink wine, it makes me sneeze unless it sickeningly sweet. As for the Black Terror's costume, the only criticism I have is it has a cape.

Didn't you watch the Incredibles? "No capes!" :-)

They're just a bad idea, look cool, but a bad idea. And have you ever tried to get into a car with one? A low-slung sporty car? Argh! No thank you.

Scott said...

VL, I do agree that while looking cool, capes are not all that practical. I haven't worn one since a Halloween many, many years ago where I was Vincent from the Beauty and the Beast TV series. I don't recall just how bad the cape was, but what i do remember is that women dig a guy with a lion face for some of the show, I guess.