Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dreams Pt. 4- Wolf Dreams

Years ago I had a couple of dreams that stuck with me. In one I was running down this backroad somewhere, with lots of trees around, and there was some water standing in small puddles, as if it had rained recently. As I was running, I lurched forward, and when I put my hands out to brace my fall, I saw that they were large paws instead. My new limbs hit the ground running, and without a misstep, I was running on all fours, faster than Hell. I stopped at at large puddle on the side of the road, and saw my reflection. I was a large wolf, with light-colored fur. I thought this was pretty cool, and I took off running again, as fast as I could.

In another dream I was in a convertible car, a red one, I think, and there was a full moon out. I reached up and grabbed my face, and pulled it off like a mask. Beneath was the face of a wolf, which I could see in the rearview mirror. I smiled a fang-filled smile at my reflection.

In neither of these dreams was I upset at my transformations, and I don't think of them as nightmares. I don't know what this means about me, my subconcious, or anything else for that matter. It does explain why I like a full moon, though....


Anonymous said...

liking these dream posts, you ever come across someone who does dream readings id like to know what some of mine mean.

Heff said...

Man, you and Charles dream the weirdest shit. For the life of me, IF I have dreams, I can't remember them. I guess I'm weird enough conscious to make up the difference, lol.

Charles Gramlich said...

I think this is about the first time I've ever been jealous of someone else's dreams. I've never transformed into a wolf, though I have into a demon. If there is such a thing as the "Dream world" where our true spirits walk, you and I have probably been allies in evil. Whoo hoo!

And to Heff, alcohol supresses dreaming. You've go to sober up once in a while for good dreams. lol

Virginia Lady said...

I don't remember enough of my dreams either, but I think it'd be cool to tranform into a wolf. Of course, it also depends on what I did as a wolf afterwards as well.

Mr Pineapples said...

Bloody hell mate....what amazin' dreams.

How have you survived?

I dreamt once that I had eaten a bowl of trifle.....raspberry trifle !

Oh - Me Gawd...

it was like - so wierd - cos I prefer strawberry

What do you make of it?

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Scott,

Cool dreams! I wonder what the face transformation means -- I once had one where I left a baptismal and was cut all over my face. Creepy. I'd much rather change with a full moon! :) Hope you're having a very happy new year!

Lana Gramlich said...

Interesting dreams! It sounds like you've embraced your (inner?) animal nature, perhaps.
Unfortunately my dreams are typically mundane, although I DO get to go up with the space shuttle on occassion!
Sorry for my recent, long absence. Been busy in offline life. Best to you & yours in 2009!

Scott said...

M.A., I'm scared to see what mine mean.

Heff, I do have some weird dreams. I'm not really sure what to make of them sometimes.

Charles, glad to see someone is jealous of my dreams,LOL! I'm sure our dream spirits have been up to all kinds of trouble.

VL, It was cool transforming like that, but since I woke up soon afterwards both times, I don't know what I got up to...I do have another similar dream to post about that went on a bit longer , though.

Mr. P, I manage to get by. I've had trifle, but never raspberry trifle.

Michelle, I have no idea what the face removal means...maybe deep down I'd rather have a wolf face than my own, I don't know! It wouldn't be much of a change, anyway. :)

Lana, I think I accepted the 'animal' side of myself a long time ago, LOL. Sometimes I think I should just let it go and run my life...but that might not be the best idea, though.