Monday, October 6, 2008

So Be It

The blood-red sun rises above the mountains
It is time
The hawks circle in the sky, the wind blows cold
It is time
Time to go forth, to draw steel again, perhaps for the last time
To kill my enemies, to see them die, to stain the earth with their blood
There is no better thing
I feel this may be the last battle for me, the last time I ride
There have been dreams and portents, and the seers have fortold
Of my demise this day
I do feel Death behind me, waiting to claim me
He has waliked at my side for so very long
His shadow cold over me
And I do feel that this may be the day that He takes me
If it is so, so be it
Let me take as many of my foes to Hell with me as I can
Let my sword drink deep of my enemies' blood
Let the bodies be stacked high
Let the blood become a river, lapping crimson at my boots
Let my foes tremble at the very sight of me
A true son of Tyr
As I kill and kill again, let the Gates of Hell open wide
Let my foes go into Hell and give warning to the Devil
That I am coming
Even if I am cut a thousand times, and pierced by a hundred arrows,
I shall not stop fighting until all who stand before me die by my hand
Only then will I go
My last drop of blood shed, my life's flame spent
And my body will fall upon the corpses of my enemies
Sword still in hand
Only then will I pass into the dark realms of Death
My last battle fought, my duty done, my task finished
My journey ended
So, I drink from my horn , possibly for the last time
I strap on my sword, I saddle my horse
And we shall see
If the seers are right, and my feelings are true
And the signs and portents and dreams are all correct
So be it
Today is a good day to die.


Charles Gramlich said...

Excellent. I really enjoyed this. Sounds like it could be the lyrics to a Manowar song.

Heff said...

I was thinking Iron Maiden, but yeah - good stuff.

Scott said...

Charles, thanks, I'm glad you liked means a lot to me when you approve of something I wrote.

Heff, I'm glad you liked it, too.I Like Maiden and Manowar, but Manowar is my favorite band.

I guess I've been in kind of a morbid mood lately...I wish things were simpler...kill or die, fight or run, etc. There's a part of me that wants to die a heroic death, but that is kind of hard in this day and's difficult to get in a situation where you can kill a bunch of enemies with a sword and die impaled by dozens of spears and arrows. :)