Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gates Opened

As I travelled I passed the Field of Cairns,
Where I knew the Restless Dead lay,
Waiting , waiting, to rise up,
Clawing their way out from under the earth,
Enchanted stones no longer keeping them buried.

I knew this would happen, sooner, not later,
For the Black Butterflies, sacred to the Goddess
Who watches the Gates of Hell and the Dead,
Have been flying in swarms each day,
Signifying the unleashing of the Dead.

I am ready, however, for the day they rise,
For the songs of the Tusked Prophet echo
Like thunder in my head, making me strong,
And I have seen the signs, and know the mystic runes,
And my sword is keen, and my axe is sharp.

So let the Restless Dead rise, let them bring their hunger,
Let them bring their anger, let them bring with them
Demons and Spirits that follow them screaming through
The wide open Gates of Hell, let them all come,
For I am ready, and Glory or Valhalla await me.


Charles Gramlich said...

I like this. I feel the energy. Makes me want to bang my sword on my shield, and stand ready at the shield wall to meet our foes.

Heff said...

I "bang my sword on my shield" pretty frequently, so it did nothing for me, lol.

Scott said...

Charles, I'm glad you liked it.

Heff, careful when banging your sword. :)

I came up with this on the way home from running errands yesterday. There's a vacant lot near my house that has lots of piles of stones...this, to my warped, morbid mind, has always made me think of cairns with dead beneath them, just waiting to rise. The black butterflies are actually not black, but bottle-nosed butterflies, which have been swarming around a lot lately. The Tusked Prophet is a reference to the band Motorhead, who was on the car stereo at the time. Motorhead's logo is a snarling, tusked, fanged face. So nthere you have insight to my damaged mind.

Shauna Roberts said...

Congrats, Scott, you won a book at in my blog contest. Please let me know which book of Jade Lee's you'd like (The Dragon Earl or Dragonborn) at ShaunaRoberts [at] ShaunaRoberts [dot] com. Oh, and I need your mailing address as well.