Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Horrors-Brotherhood of the Wolf

I don't know if I could pick a favorite movie, but if I had to , it would probably be Brotherhood of the Wolf (2002). Although technically not strictly a horror film (it's a hybrid period-piece/action/horrror film, I guess), it has many tense moments and nasty kill scenes.

In France before the revolution, a beast, assumed to be a wolf, is terrorizing the countryside in the providence of Gevoudan. A botanist/adventurer , Fronsac (Samuel Le Bihan) and his American Indian blood-brother Mani (Mark Dacascos) are sent to see what's going on. As per usual, there's a lot more going on than meets the eye. A mystery is here to be solved, and there's many fight scenes, beast attacks, and the occasional nude scene until all is revealed(gotta love European films).

Everything about this film is so well done. the acting, The fight coreography, the special effects, the cinematography, the story...it's definately several cuts above your average picture. I can also say that another reason I like this film can be summed up in two words: Monica Bellucci. This woman is gorgeous beyond all resoning....but I digress.

I had the chance to see this film when it hit the theaters in limited release a few years back. I'm glad I got to see it on the big screen, although I've since played it on the small screen at home many, many times.

Brotherhood of the Wolf is proof that there's filmmakers out there who don't follow formulas and can come up with something different, artistic, and ultimately entertaining. This Beast says go check out the beast in Brotherhood of the Wolf.

I'd also like to let you all know that a friend and co-worker of mine is on the blogosphere here with us, and his blog is http://inexorableblog.blogspot.com/. Stop by and say 'hi' when you get the chance.

Eeveryone take care, and I'll be back soon with another fright film to check out!


Anonymous said...

hmmmm monsters and great kill scenes. id have to say that i will indeed check it out. of course it helps that your homegirl monica is in it.....nudity you say??? thanks for the props as well.

Charles Gramlich said...

Agree absolutely. Loved this movie, even though I only saw it on the small screen. I definitely thought there was a Robert E. Howard sensibility to it. One of my favorite movies.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Wild movie. I enjoyed it, too - though I suspect I would have enjoyed it even more if I had better knowledge of early French history.

I still believe Mark Dacascos (Mani) would make an excellent Bran Mak Morn...

Scott said...

M.A., yes, you should check it out. I'll loan you my copy if you'd like.

Charles, I couldn't agree more on the REH feel of the movie.

Paul, I agree, dacascos would make an excellent Bran Mak Morn.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles turned me on to this awesome flick.
In another, slightly different vein, one could consider "The 13th Warrior" at least PARTLY horror. The gore was exceptional for an "adventure" style film.

Scott said...


Glad you liked this film, as well as 13th Warrior.