Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trees and Cats

I planted a few trees last weekend. There's two silver maples in the backyard, and a Shumard oak in the front yard. They aren't really trees yet...they're more like sticks at this point.

The oak has some leafy buds growing on it already.

My cat Raven, who was sick a while back. is doing fine now. Her fur is starting to grow back where she was shaved for her IV and ultrasound. Raven is the shorthaired cat in the pictures. The longhaired rogue is Pict. If you took Errol Flynn, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li and distilled them into feline form, Pict would be the end result...amazing physical feats, swashbuckling antics, and physical comedy are his forte. He also has a mean right paw. The striped guy in the one picture is Loki...he's the laid-back cuddlebear of the bunch, although he does like to challenge Pict for the World Heavyweight Feline Championship title now and again.

I hope everyone is having a good week. Take care!
'I studied Silence to learn the Music, I joined the Sinful to regain Innocence'-Nightwish


Heff said...

Planting trees was a mistake, dude. All they're gonna do is remind you of how old you've gotten when they reach 12 or 15 feet tall.

I planted a Japanese Maple in the front yard years ago, and that's what happened to me, anyway.

Charles Gramlich said...

The cats of Odin!

Michelle's Spell said...

These kitties are adorable! So glad that Raven is doing better. And I loved your post about night walks -- the world is different at night, more magical, more interesting. I always love driving at night for that reason.

Lana Gramlich said...

I'm glad Raven's feeling & looking better.
Most of what we plant here either dies or never comes up (I think it's the uber-hard, acidic soil.) I was quite pleased to realize that the fig tree we planted last year (like yours--a stick,) had new leaves on it this year...I'd thought it was dead, too!

Shauna Roberts said...

Your cats are beautiful!

Scott said...


Yeah, that's all I need is another reminder of how old I am, LOL!


They do all seem to love and even worship my dog Odin...


Thank you! Yes, the night makes everything more mystical...and I like driving at night as well as walking.


Thank you! The soil here is Ok, and I put planting soil in with the trees as well.


Thank you!

Virginia Lady said...

Nice sticks you have there,

Love the kittys, glad to hear Raven is doing well.

Scott said...

Virginia Lady,