Monday, March 2, 2009

'I Am A Brother to Dragons and a Companion to Owls"

The title of this entry comes from Job 30:29...I had read it years ago, and I knew it was Biblical, but couldn't remember what book it came from or in what context. Job says this when talking of his suffering as a pawn in the game between God and Satan, I believe. I always liked this sounds good, and I've always liked owls. My brother has always liked dragons, and he got a tattoo of a dragon claw, so in a way I am brother to a dragon as well. My Mother has always liked owls, too...she has a good-sized collection of owl figurines she's recieved over the years, many from myself.

All this came to mind as I went on a walk tonight with my friend Nicole. As we passed the elementary school in the neighborhood, she pointed and said, "Is that an owl?" I looked up at first, expecting to see one in flight. Instead, I saw just the opposite...there was a large, dead owl laying in the parking lot of the school. We both felt bad, but I suspect I felt even worse, given my connection to them. I almost took a feather from the owl, as sort of a shamanistic token, but I chose to leave him be instead. I'm sure someone will remove him , probably before the kids arrive for school in the morning.

Somehow this all makes me think of my Mother, my Grandmother that just passed away, and my brother.

I hope that the owl is flying somewhere beyond this world, his wings stretched against a night sky, eyes gleaming in the moonlight.


laughingwolf said...

i would have taken a feather, scott, as a reminder of the nasties out there who kill owls grrrrr

Charles Gramlich said...

Lana and I just saw Owls this weekend. Great horned owl young that is. There's a nest at a state park not far from where we live and she got some great photos.

Sorry to hear of this owl's demise.

Heff said...

isn't a dead owl some sort of Omen ?

Scott said...


I don't know if anyone killed the owl...I didn't see any signs of violence.


I saw the pic of the's cool!


It probably is...and a bad omen,too, knowing my luck lately!

laughingwolf said...

scott, if poisoned you know there is little visible sign :(

Scott said...


That's true, unfortunately.