Sunday, March 29, 2009

Art and the Backyard

I've been fighting a stomach virus since early Friday morning, and today was the first day I felt something resembling better...which really sucks, because this was the first weekend off I've had in a month, and I missed my friend's birthday party last night. But as I said, I felt somewhat better today and wanted to get out for a bit, so I went to the McNay Art Museum. I curse myself for forgetting my camera, but here's a link: It was nice to see works by some of my favorite artists like Monet and Van Gogh, as well as some really cool stuff like an old pew carved with a gargoyle and a minstrel on the armrests...I promise to take my camera next time!

After the museum trip, I picked up some stuff for the backyard. I'm going to have my own Villa of Monsters soon at this rate. ( Original Villa of Monsters info here: )

This Moon is from Guatemala, by way of a local statuary shop. It was a cool little place, with dogs laying in the shade and trotting about to get petted by shoppers. There's tons of Suns around at garden shops, but this is the first Moon I've found that appealed to me. I enjoy the daytime, but there's something mystical about the Moon, shining its light down at night, be it full, half, or crescent.

This cat I picked up at another stauary place near my house. Like the place I got the Moon at, it sells pots, statues, fountains, and other such stuff from Mexico. I got this last Sunday to give Doyle the Gargoyle ( thanks to Jodi for the name, you have a prize coming ...remember the contest?) company. The cat and Doyle soon got more friends...

I went to yet another place today that had a plethora of yard decorations and statuary, and picked up a trio of goodies. First up is Pan, who seems pretty content to hang out in the backyard playing his appropriate critter for the Beast's backyard, I think.

I saw this majestic little beast and I couldn't pass him up. The place also had some bigger lions, which I may go back for later, but for now, this guy will do to help Doyle protect the yard.

This plaque is called Old Man Wind. I liked the painted version of it because it reminds me of Winter, plus the bit of color is nice.
I hope everyone out there is doing well...I'll leave with some pics of my trees in the backyard...they're getting leafy!

Take care!


Charles Gramlich said...

Cool yard. We've got some really cool stuff in our yard as well. We just bought a sort of urn for our goddess statue. I'm sure Lana will have pics up soon.

Lana Gramlich said...

Looking good. ;)

Scott said...

Charles and Lana,

Thanks! I can't wait to see pics of your new additions.

Heff said...

best get some outdoor stain on that fence !!!

Michelle's Spell said...

These are very very cool! I seldom venture outside, but next door there's a huge statue of the Virgin that I see when I look at my office window. During the long Detroit winter, they put her in a box which is pretty surreal. Hope you're having a good week!

Scott said...


Technically, due to weird laws and codes that part of the fence is my neighbor'sthat lives behind me...which is why it looks like crap,LOL!


Thanks, glad you like 'em! A Mary in a box is kind of surreal, now that you mention it!


Cool sculture - I've got an old twisted sun dial that I like. Glad your stomach's getting better - I hate being ill.

A. K. said...

Love your blog! Its very interesting and entertaining!

Scott said...


Thank you, and welcome to the lair of the Beast! Stop by any time!


Thank you! I'm glad you like it...same goes for your blog as well. Come by anytime!

Anonymous said...

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