Saturday, September 20, 2008

Goin' For A Walk

Ok, now for a more positive blog to balance out things. anyone out there regularly go for walks? In parks, in your neighborhood, around a local track? I've always done a lot of walking in my college, I didn't own a car, so I either got rides, took the bus, or hoofed it. Now, my wife and I share a car, so there's times I walk to and/or from my work. it's about 1.7 miles one way, and most of it's through a quiet neighborhood. I also go for walks just for the hell of it...I've been trying to imrove my health, and walks are a good way to do it, if my recent weight loss is any indicator.

Walking is great for lots of reasons. You , of course, travel at a much slower pace, so you have time to really take in the sights, and you get the opportunity to see things you may have missed before. For example, in my neighborhood, there's a house with a lamppost in the driveway, which is cool, but until I walked past it for the first time, I didn't notice the cool details, like dragons carved onto the lamp, and the nice lion statues near the front door of the house.

Another big plus for walking is that you're out there with Nature, not shielded against it inside a car. You can feel the breeze, smell the plants, flowers, and earth as you walk, and see animals both domestic and feral, from cats sleeping under cars parked in driveways to hawks soaring majseticlly overhead.

Walking, especially if you go by yourself, is a great way to mentally unwind. You can take time and think about things, or just think about nothing in particular and take it all in. You can opt to take some music with you as well(on your iPod or Zune)if you so desire. I walk solo quite a bit, and it gives me time to decompress, and lets me have some 'alone time' that seems so hard to come by these days. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife, family, friends, pets, etc, but sometimes I just need a bit of time to myself once in a while. Walking allows me this.

If you already inot going for walks, I'm obviously preachng to the choir. If you haven't gone for a stroll lately, give it a try. You may like it.


Charles Gramlich said...

Walking is an absolute necessity to me. I love having walks around my neighborhood. And Lana and I love going for nature hikes at the park, although not as much in the summer when it's really hot. Growing up that's how I got everywhere. Definitely good exercise.

R2K said...

: )

Lana Gramlich said...

I've always loved going for walks, preferably in nature. There's only 2 down sides to it these days;
1. I ain't leaving the air conditioned house all summer--it's just too damned hot & humid, &
2. Since I got a digital camera, my nature walks have turned more into a series of nature pauses, as I stop every 6 seconds to take another picture of something. Sometimes I tell Charles to go ahead, that I'll catch up with him, but sometimes he's the one spotting the really cool stuff to shoot, so...
I'm looking forward to getting out again, now that the temps are returning to bearable (if not "awesome.") I guess some of these days I should really just leave the camera at home. I find the few times I do, however, I end up saying "I wish I'd brought my camera" too much.
Arrrgh! How to find balance!

Heff said...

The weather is perfect for walking now. I'm gonna start hitting the road my damn self.

Miladysa said...

Walking is a kind of religion for me in as much as it often refreshes my soul.

I am lucky to live within two areas of natural outstanding beauty, both of them completely different landscapes.

To one side I have a beautiful dell, almost like a magical fairyland with waterfalls and secret shaded places. On the other, the wild moorland of northern England and the inspiration for novels such as Wuthering Heights. Both landscapes inspire me to write fiction and help to keep me sane or perhaps not :-D

Steve Malley said...

I think you've talked me into a hike in the Port Hills today.

Glad Charles sent me by!

Paul said...

Good description of what walking does for a lot of people. Jogging worked the same way for me.

Michelle's Spell said...

I love walking as well -- just heard of a new therapy in NYC where the therapist walks with you. The great ideas finally get picked up and charged for! I find it much easier to broach difficult subjects (alone and with others) while in a natural setting.

Barrie said...

My dog loves a walk. And she's quite persuasive. Welcome to the blogosphere!

Sam said...

I love walking, it's a must for me. I walk to clear my head, teh walk the dogs, to take a walk. I bike to work (when weather permits) but I prefer a hike to the bike any day. It's the slow pace I like best, I think.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott -

We got a dog two years ago so I have no choice but to walk whatever the weather. I must have seen more countryside in the last two years than in the previous ten. Plus I've lost 10lbs with no change of diet and enjoyed doing it ;-)

Is any of your writing online? I'm currently reading Vol II of Gollancz Conan Chronicles so I'm in REH mood right now.

- Jon

Virtual Voyage said...

Came from Charles - Yep, enjoy walking, - used to do a regular three mile walk on a steep golf course until I fell off a muddy stile and injured a leg. Just getting back to it now - cautiously...!

Shauna Roberts said...

When we lived in New Orleans, we used to walk every day. We got out of the habit when we moved a year ago, but keep talking about starting up again. What I like best about walking is that it's one of the few exercises that's actually fun. Also, I have my husband's complete attention and don't have to share him with the TV. :-)

Virginia Lady said...

I have a large yard so I walk through it daily, but I should add some strolls through the neighborhood as well. Who knows what cool things I'm missing? Thanks for the reminder.

Vwriter said...

As a devoted Sasquatch hunter, I take a lot of woodland walks, mostly at night.

Walking at night through the woods is.... an adventure. Twisting an ankle is always a possibility, slipping down the side of a boulder strewn mountain, or running through bush blindly can also be a minor thrill fest. But I'd never give it up. There's something about being alone in the wilderness stalking a legendary primate that is hard to explain to those who only take gentle daylight walks. They're so.... sane.

Scott said...

I didn't think that this entry would get that mnay responses.

Charles, I also now feel that walikng is a necessity.

r2k, thanks for stopping by!

Lana, I agree about the heat. here in Texas it's still pretty hot, but I've become somewhat accustomed to walking in it. Still, there are some days where my walks are shorter because of the weather. I don't usually take my camera on routine walks, but I did get a couple of pics when I went walking in Michigan near my folks' place.

Heff, glad to have inspired you. god to have you here, and I enjoy your bolg quite a bit!

Miladysa, it sounds like you have some very nice places to walk. Thank you for dropping by my blog!

Steve, how was the hike? Thanks for coming by!

Paul, thanks for coming by!

Michelle, glad to see there's another walking fan out there. i enjoy reading your blog..thank you for reeading mine!

Barrie, thanks! My dof likes to walk too, but he's 12 yrs old, and doesn't walk as far as he used to. Still, we go for short walks together.

Sam, hi and thanks for checking my blog out!

Jon, none of my writing is online as of yet, but I have several projects going on. I'll put updates when they're close to being done.

VV, I hope yu heal up fast, and thanks for coming by!

Shauna, I know what you mean about competeing with the TV...and thanks for stopping by!

VL, you're welcome, and thank you for checking my blog out!

Scott said...

VWriter, I am a person who loves the night. It's a different world than the daylight one...I think I'll go out for a walk later tonight.