Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Belief is a powerful force in our lives. Religion is based on it. Our own personal lives are fueled by it or fouled by a lack of it. If someone believes in you and what you are doing, especially if they are close to you, then that's a strong positive reinforcement to what you are attempting to do. It makes you feel like you're heading down the right path, like nothing can stop you. Lack of belief, however, especially on those days when you're feeling down, or you're having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, can be the makes you think that those around you either don't think you can accomplish your goals, or that you're serious about your goals, or they simply just don't give a shit.

Now, the latter reaction can also be a sort of positive can make you say,"Fuck you, I'm going to do this with or with out you, whether you believe in me or not...and I'll be laughing at you for not believing in me when I accomplish my goals."

Don't let naysayers deter you from whatever it is you're trying to get done.


Charles Gramlich said...

Throughout most of my life I had zero support for my writing. I've finally found Lana, who supports me, and friends here in the blogging world, who also suport me. And lo and behold my production has gone up.

Scott said...

That's great, Charles. I've had mixed results so far from my personal aquaintences, as evidenced by this latest blog entry...most of them being in the negative category. But, I opted for the "fuck 'em" option.

Heff said...

I've never heard the term "fuck 'em" used so positively !

Scott said...

Charles, you're very lucky to have Lana to support you lke that.

Heff, thanks,heh! Sometimes you can turn a negative into a, I just like using the word "fuck". :)

Anonymous said...

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