Saturday, August 7, 2010

Museum of the Weird

Yesterday I went to the Museum of the Weird in Austin. How this place stayed under my radar for so long is beyond me, but I finally saw an ad for it and had to check it out. It's small, but very cool. I suggest you check it out if you're ever in the Austin area ( ).

The gift shop is full of cool and creepy items,too, and if you buy a t-shirt you get a free admission to the Museum. Being a t-shirt conessuir, I had to get one anyway, plus a couple of postcards and a Frankenstein fridge magnet as well...can't have too many Frankie items, you know.


Mummies and monsters abound...

I feel at home here! see you next time!


Charles Gramlich said...

Dude, you fit right in. I'm not surprised. Now we'll all know where to find you if you go missing.

Lana Gramlich said...

Dang...If only we'd known about this when we lived in Austin after Hurricane Katrina!

Brian Murphy said...

That looks awesome. The world needs more weirdness in it.

A. K. said...

Amazing! Am not a Museum fan but for this I can make an exception.

Scott said...


I do plan on stopping in whenever I go to Austin from now on.


The guy working there (who also does a magic show there on weekends) said it's been there for about 5 years...don't know how I missed it 'till now!


I wholeheartedly agree.


I do like museums, depending on what's on display, but this is definately my favorite!

Seven Hare said...

are you sure you are in a museum and not just hanging out in your living room? heh. seriously, it looks like fun.

Heff said...

Dude, you YOURSELF are a "Museum Of The COOL" !!

A few of my "obstacles" still exist, but the primary one was a MASSIVE virus on my home computer, which I just IMPALED with a rod that would rival that of John C. Holmes !

I'm up and running from home, and H.B.A.G. will FLOURISH again within DAYS.

Again, GLAD YOU'RE BACK. (I'll tell Donna, lol)

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Scott,

I LOVE this place! So cool that you posted pictures . . . Hope you're having a great week!

merricat said...

I had no idea about this place! Looks great.

Scott said...

Seven Hare,

It's close to my living room, but it's even cooler!


Glad you've slain your dragons, Brother! Be seeing you around here!


Glad you like! Nice to hear from you!


Glad you enjoyed the pics. Thanks for dropping in, come by anytime!

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