Monday, May 3, 2010

Texas Frightmare Weekend Pt. 2

Texas Frightmare Weekend was a great time. In addition to the celebrities inside, outside was a hearse and shock rod show. I got to talk to some of the hearse owners, and they were all cool guys. One gave me a frisbee and a bunch of pens with his tattoo shop logo on them (gotta love swag..and check out Ink Pushers Tattoo Emporium if you're ever in the area).

Pictured here is the vehicle for a haunted house attraction in Arlington, Zombie Manor.

The back of the Manor wagon.

Care to go for a ride?

The hotel restaraunt had a special menu made up for the event...I, of course, had to have the Frankenstein Burger.
Besides the celebs, hearses, and food, there were dealers selling t-shirts, books, DVDs, jewelry, clothes, CDs, and there was even a tattoo artist present. Among the treasures I took home : a mini-poster of Dawn of the Dead, signed by George Romero, a DVD of Tromeo and Juliet signed by Debbie Rochon, and a t-shirt from the Rue Morgue magazine booth (the best magazine about horror in culture, in my not-so-humble opionion). There were also showings of various films, but since I was only there for the day, I passed on the viewings this time around. Maybe next year!
TFW was fun, and money and time willing, I may just go for the whole weekend next year. I'll definately be back in some way or another. If you're into horror, check oit out next says the Beast.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'd prefer the Frankenstein burger over the zombie burger. Not sure I'm ready for long pig.

Heff said...

Texas Chainsaw cut ribs, lol !

Lana Gramlich said...

That must have been a hoot. I love the shot of the grim reaper pointing at the hearse. Classic!

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Tim,

Okay I SO want to go to this. How can I be from Texas and not know about this great event? Thanks so much for the post. Maybe next year for my birthday . . .

Scott said...


Same here.


It was funny!


It was a great time.


Who is Tim?

Anyway, come on down next year, check it out!