Monday, April 6, 2009

Highland Games

Last weekend the Highland games took place here in San Antonio. It's not a huge affair, but there's plenty of events, vendors, food and beer to keep one occupied for a while. This year there were some Viking re-enactors stging battles...made me want to jump in (note: next year bring battle axe and sword).

One of the attendees brought his Irish wolfhound along...he was huge, but a gentle giant. Everyone loved him.

Besides several rounds of Scottish ale , I purchased a flag, and I think it's the perfect one for me...the neighbors aught to love it.
Hope you all had a good weekend, and have a good week ahead...take care!


Heff said...

Cool flag. Off topic, but did you do the sponge-painting yourself ?

Lana Gramlich said...

Cool flag! Highland games are always lots of fun.

Charles Gramlich said...

Man I've got to come hang out with you. I'll bring my swords and we can give the neighbors a real thrill as they contemplate whether we're going to sack and pillage them or not.

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Scott,

This looks like a blast! Love the last picture!

Scott said...


Thanks! And yes, I did the sponge-painting myself, a few years back. Also did the laminate flooring , with the help of a friend...I can be handy when I get the urge, LOL.


Thanks! It was fun this year, to be sure.


You are welcome to hang out anytime! I think one of the reasons most of my neighbors stay away from me is because my friends have come over with their weapons, and we hang around in the yard with various swords, axes, and spears in hand, drinking out of horns...makes 'em nervous, I guess, LOL!


It was fun indeed...and thank you, glad you liked the picture!