Monday, February 16, 2009

Sometimes... just never stops. My cat Raven is having issues with her liver. She's only four years old, and the doctor isn't sure what caused it. We started treatment today (meds, IV fluids, injections, and force -feeding since she won't eat on her own right now). The one sure way I know she's not feeling good is that she's just sitting in the corner instead of tapping me with her paw for attention. She'll go back tomorrow for more treatment. Now, I realize that things could be a lot worse, but I think I've had enough bad luck lately.

Just so this isn't an all-downer post, I did get my tattoo finished. Still, the Raven I care most about is the small, furry one. Wish us luck, please.


Michelle's Spell said...

Oh honey,

Good luck with Raven -- I think those sickness issues are so sad and frustrating. But she looks like a fighter! And your tattoo is awesome -- great work! I'm totally blown away.

Heff said...

Get Raven off the Hard Liquor immediately, and the liver may be salvageable.

Charles Gramlich said...

I hope your kitten gets better. My son and his girlfriend recently took their dog to the vet. They didn't have any money so I paid for it. But the dog is a 100 times better and much more playful.

Virginia Lady said...

I'm sorry your furry friend is ailing. I hope things improve. The tat looks great! Kudos to the artist.

Anonymous said...

lets hope the mountain dew she got all day is helping. frustrating indeed, but im sure she will be fine. see yous twos in the morning.

Scott said...


Thank you, for the kind thoughts and the compliments on my tattoo. Both are appreciated very much.


I should be the one with the damaged liver, not Raven!


That was very nice of you to take care of your son's dog. Thanks for the nice thoughts.


Thank you very much, on both counts.


Thanks, and hopefully the 'Mountian Dew' will continue to work it's magic for her!

laughingwolf said...

rats... hope she recovers fully, and quickslike :(

one reason i like to keep pets indoors: harder to consume stuff they should not

neat tat :)

Scott said...


Thanks. I like to keep all my cats indoors,too.

Thanks for the compliment on the tat as well.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Hope Raven gets better. It's never easy when a pet gets ill.

Scott said...


Thanks. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

Lana Gramlich said...

The tattoo came out very nicely, but I'm certainly keeping good thoughts for your cat.

Scott said...


Thank you on both counts.